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USA vs. Mexico 2013 (Edition of 39)

USA vs. Mexico 2013 (Edition of 39)


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More than a decade ago, the idea of home field advantage for the United States men's soccer team was unknown. Fans of visiting squads routinely outnumbered and out-shouted the US faithful, especially when games against neighboring countries to the south were played in visitor-friendly, warm-weather environments. Mexico, the States' biggest rival, made themselves at home on U.S. soil - leaving American players and fans to wonder if they really had a home at all.

That all changed in February, 2001. USA vs. Mexico in Columbus, Ohio. Below freezing temperatures. Boisterous, pro-US crowd. And the first win by a now-legendary scoreline: USA: dos, MEX: cero. It's rememberd as La Guerra Fría.

It's become a tradion by now: when the US faces Mexico in a crucial match, odds are Columbus will play host. It'll be a little warmer this year, but the passion won't change one bit.

I've designed a vibrant poster to commemorate this year's USA vs. Mexico match. The poster is 13" x 19", including an inch-wide white border, and printed on beautiful vellum. I'm making exactly 39, and I'll be hand-numbering and signing each one. It's a perfect way to commemorate US soccer's most important match of the year.

$30 + $5 shipping ($9 outside the US).

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